Register Your Bike With ASU!

If you ride your bike to campus, you have probably seen many other students cycling to class, as well. Because ASU is a haven for students on bikes, unfortunately it’s also a bike thieves’ playground.

In other blog posts, I have recommended ways to protect your bike from theft, but a simple way to document that your bike belongs to you – is to register it with ASU. It only takes a few minutes to enter your bike’s information and ensures you have proof that your bike is yours!

To register your bike with ASU:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your information and bike’s serial number
  3. Upload a photo of your bike
  4. Add any distinguishing features of your bike
  • EXAMPLE: My bike has a pink bell, white basket and a zebra striped seat.

If for some reason you need to report your bike stolen, this information will be very helpful in trying to locate it and get it returned to you. Trying to recall exactly what your bike looked like or the serial number could be difficult after the fact. Help yourself out and register your bike! Good luck cyclists!

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  1. But don’t be hung up on what bike to get. You could spend months researching trying to find the best frame geometry, components, tire size, stem length, etc, etc. The internet can complicate your bike search quickly. The important thing is to get a bike, ride it, and have fun promoting your health and saving our planet.

  2. Bike theft is one of the most common crimes on campus. An effective way to help UWPD increase your chances of recovering a stolen bike is to ensure you register your bike via our online form . The national average for bike recovery is 2-5 percent; the UWPD recovered one out of every six stolen bikes in 2011.

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