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Welcome A New Two-Wheeler To The Family

After buying a truck in December 2012, and working a real job, I had less opportunities to commute by bike than when I was a student at ASU, a few years back. I am happy to report that, recently, I have been riding my bike around town more often! I started practicing yoga at a local studio and it just so happens to be the perfect distance to ride my bike there from my apartment.

I’m also working at a coworking space in Phoenix, located right off of the light rail. In attempts to save gas money and my sanity during rush hour traffic, I have been commuting by bike multiple days a week. It’s been great! I love it. But then I started to remember that my bike is pretty heavy. It’s not fun to lug around on the light rail. And although I love my Schwinn Sierra, I believe sometimes you outgrow things you love. I started looking at Landis Cyclery for a cute fixie that was lightweight and easy to ride around town for a few miles.


Well, I learned something. Apparently I don’t like how fixies ride and I was uncomfortable leaning so far forward, as I would often be wearing a backpack. This is the bike I had planned on buying, but I wasn’t happy with many of its features. After a test ride, I crossed the fixie off my list. It’s a good looking bike, but it wasn’t a good fit for my wants and needs. I had a very patient sales person at Landis Cyclery named Jon. He was really enthusiastic about helping me find the right bike for me, which I really appreciated.

Landis Cyclery

The next bike he showed me was a winner! I told him what I liked and didn’t like and next Jon showed me a Specialized Vita. It was much lighter than my Schwinn. I started to ride and it felt so light like I was flying! I liked that it had multiple speeds, awesome brakes, and rode similar to my previous bike.

Specialized Vita

It wasn’t a drastic change, which was probably good for transitioning to the new bike. I didn’t lean too far forward, but I was less upright than on my Schwinn. I tested it out with a backpack on and I think I can get used to it. When I got the bike home, I took it for a nice, long, relaxing bike ride in Tempe. I rode to Kiwanis Park and made a huge lap around the park. I really had a blast riding my new bike today! I’m glad Jon was able to help find the right bike and I agree that this bike was a better choice for me. Welcome my new bike to the family!

Specialized Vita

Bike Glossary for Beginners

Buying a bike is overwhelming. To find the best bike for you, I recommend going to a couple different bike stores. Test out different types of bikes and ask an associate any questions you have. It’s fun to choose a bike off the rack and take it for a spin! Some bike shops in Tempe are Earnhardt’s Schwinn, Dominic’s 2 Wheelers, Performance Bike and Tempe Bicycle.

I tried many bikes during the research phase. I liked this 26-inch black PHAT beach cruiser with pink rims. When I saw this bike, I had to have it! Read more