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Writing is a relaxing outlet for me, unless I’m on a deadline! For that reason, leisurely blogging is my preferred excuse to write. I just graduated from Arizona State University with my Bachelors degree in journalism, PR and online media. I am happy to start my new career with Black Dog Promotions as the Director of Digital Marketing. I also just bought a new truck and am very excited to go skiing, camping and biking!

Some people ask how a girl from Maryland became a Tempe transplant. Good question. I still wonder that myself sometimes. Well after five years of living in the desert without hefty snow storms and weeks of rainfall, I am now a happy Arizona resident.

I want to make a difference in the world. But if my dreams are not within reach, I’d settle for local strides in my favorite causes such as helping shelter dogs, encouraging others to recycle and appreciating people for who they are with their gems and flaws. Occasionally, I begin a conversation with a stranger on the light rail and have been amazed at what one person can learn from just listening to another person’s words and experiences. It makes me realize that the world is a huge place surrounded by diversity, but there are many topics that people can connect on if they are willing to try. Just say hello. Or smile and see what can happen.

I grew up in the suburbs of Baltimore, Md. I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping, skiing, biking and running. In January 2010, I ran my first half marathon and ever since have continued running as a hobby. My love of the outdoors is constantly fueled by my energetic dog, Chopper, a 5-year-old border collie mix.

I started this blog because I ride my bike around Tempe all the time to get to class and my internships. One day, my bike tires were stolen and I, at once, became yet another victim of bike theft. I decided to make connections, do research, talk to people in the community and blog about biking in Tempe. Enjoy!

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Hiking at South Mountain with Chopper

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