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BlackBerry ‘Night Bikes’ Commercial

If you have seen the BlackBerry Curve commercial, you know to which one I’m referring. If you haven’t seen it, keep an eye out for a commercial where cyclists are night biking with glow-in-the-dark bikes. I’m like a little kid when the ad comes on TV. Maybe it’s the pretty colors. Or possibly because I like sparkly, shiny anything. But I’m more convinced the reason I like this commercial is because I want bikes to continue to evolve. This video makes bikes look cool again in a more advanced, high tech world. Add lights and an IPOD, possibly even a toaster to your bike and not only will you be pretty stylish, but you can also have toast! Ha Ha I love combining my interests- so with the lighted bike it’s the joy of cycling and being seen in the dark, which makes everyone safer, but also starting a trend that could continue to evolve.

I have not seen the original BlackBerry Curve commercial on YouTube to view, but The BlackBerry Review Team explains the company is going to roll with lighted bike videos for other products. Hey, it’s working and the commercial definitely got people talking about BlackBerry again. Whether it can compete with Android and iPhone, is a whole new blog topic that I will not get involved with!

Here is a commercial for the BlackBerry Bold using the same idea.

Another BlackBerry commercial that featured cyclists was for the Torch. I think there is a connection between a using cell phone and commuter cycling. The video shows the phone being used by a legal courier who bikes from place-to-place in San Francisco.

Here is another awesome video with bikes covered in LED lights.

(Not related to BlackBerry, but it makes me excited.)

It looks like the creator of the The Bright Bike video wants to start selling their product very soon. I hope they are successful because I want my bike to glow at night!

What do you think about the BlackBerry “Night Bikes” commercials?

Win an El Jimador Chopper Bike

Need to get a friend a nice present this holiday season?

Or maybe you need a bike to get around Tempe in the new year.

Maybe you are tired of missing out on weekly bike rides with your friends and the local cycling organizations.

SOOO if you are interested in winning a bike, listen up!

You can enter to win an El Jimador Chopper bike at Devil’s Advocate Bar and Grill in Tempe.

I stopped by Devil’s Advocate to check out the details. Entrance forms and a drawing box are located at the side bar or you can ask a server for a form. Because the drawing is sponsored by El Jimador Tequila, participants must be at least 21 years old to enter. The bike is a flashy, black cruiser with red-rimmed tires.  Any ASU student would look good riding this bike and because biking is great for transportation, they would never be late to class. The winner will be chosen during the first week of January, right in time for the Spring semester to begin.

I decided to enter my name- not that I need a bike, but I could sell or donate it if I happen to win. Just to let you know, the box was not very full- so there is still a pretty good chance of winning!


Enter to win this bike!


Devil’s Advocate is located at 955 E. University Dr. near Rural Road.

Good Luck!

Found: Kryptonite Lock Key

Pass this on to fellow ASU cyclists.

I found a bike lock key on the Tempe campus at the bike racks directly in front of the Computing Commons. If you lost one and want to check it out, it has a serial number for identification. Hit me up. I can try to return this key to the owner or send it back to Kryptonite. I’m just trying to help out because it would be a pain in the rear if I lost mine!

P.S. It’s kinda dirty. Not my fault. I saw it pretty much lodged under the metal rack and at first, thought it was mine.

Community Bike Rides

In the Tempe and Phoenix area, many local bike organizations have scheduled bike rides occurring each week.

The best part is that they are free and open to anyone. That means you or I could show up at any of these scheduled rides and participate.

As Winter Break is quickly approaching, I made of list of things to do and going for a long bike ride tops the list!

Below is a listing of weekly bike rides:

**FYI- According to the website, a “no-drop” ride means that no rider is left behind and you can count on an experienced rider to stay with you.

Monday- Hardcourt Bike Polo

  • Hosted By: AZFixed
  • When: Every Monday from 8-11 p.m.
  • Where: Perry Park at 32nd Street and Virginia Avenue
  • Description: Bike polo, anyone welcome, sometimes we start earlier
  • Check official Bike Polo thread on for updates

Tuesday- CRAP Ride= Bikes, Food and Beer

  • Hosted By: Car Resistance Action Party (CRAP)
  • When: Every Tuesday night at 7:30 p.m.
  • Where: Tempe Beach Park entrance at Rio Salado Parkway and Mill Avenue
  • Description: Social no-drop greenbelt ride to the Orange Table restaurant in Scottsdale
  • More Info:
  • Click for a map

Wednesday- PISS Ride

  • Hosted By: AZFixed
  • When: Every Wednesday evening, meets at 7:50 p.m. rolls out at 8 p.m.
  • Where: Tempe Beach Park entrance at Rio Salado Parkway and Mill Avenue
  • Description: 30+ miles, fast-paced night ride on curvy roads with hills, sprints and plenty of drafting. It is mostly fixed, but any bike that can keep up is welcome. An understanding of group riding etiquette is essential for this ride.
  • More Info:
  • Click here for a map
Here are websites to learn about group riding etiquette.

Thursday- People’s Ride, LUX Ride, Tribe Ride

People’s Ride
  • Hosted By: TBAG- Tempe Bicycle Action Group
  • When: Every Thursday morning at 6 a.m.
  • Where: NE corner of Fifth Street and Mill Avenue
  • Description: A friendly no-drop 1.5 hour, ~20-mile ride, Essence Bakery for breakfast and coffee after the ride
  • More info:
LUX Ride
  • Hosted By: AZFixed
  • When: Every Thursday, 10:30 p.m.
  • Where: LUX Coffee Bar, 4404 N. Central Ave., Phoenix
  • More info:
Tribe Ride
  • Hosted By: Tribe Multisport
  • When: Every Thursday, meet at the shop before 7 p.m. because it rolls out at exactly 7 p.m.
  • Where: Tribe Multi Sport on Scottsdale Road just north of McDowell Road
  • Description: Fast paced ~10-mile ride around North Tempe and South Scottsdale.
  • Click for a map

Friday- First Fridays Ride, TBAG Third Fridays, Phoenix Critical Mass

First Fridays Ride
  • Hosted By: TBAG and AZFixed
  • When: The First Friday of every month, times vary
  • Where: Tempe Beach park entrance at Rio Salado Parkway and Mill Avenue
  • Description: Ride from Tempe to Phoenix First Fridays Art Walk.
TBAG Third Fridays
  • Hosted By: TBAG
  • When: Third Friday of the month at 7 p.m.
  • Where: Tempe Beach Park Entrance at Rio Salado Parkway and Mill Avenue.
  • Description: pub crawls, drive-in-movie rides, bowling alley rides, theme and costume rides. You name it and we’ll make it a ride.
Phoenix Critical Mass
  • Hosted by: Critical Mass Phoenix- a bicycle celebration to create awareness of bikes and cars sharing the road
  • When: The last Friday of every month at 5 p.m.
  • Where: Steel Indian School Park at Third Street and Indian School Road in Phoenix
  • More info: Look for a thread at

Critical Mass bike ride- Oct. 29, 2010 (Courtesy of Facebook)

Weekend Rides

Monthly Cruiser/Chopper Rides
Cupcake Ride
  • Hosted By: TBAG
  • When: Approximately once a month, dates vary
  • Where: Tempe Beach Park entrance at Rio Salado Parkway and Mill Avenue
  • Description: Easy beginner ride to Sprinkles
Farmers Market Ride
  • Hosted By: TBAG
  • When: Some Saturdays
  • Where: Tempe Beach Park entrance at Rio Salado and Mill Avenue
  • Description: Ride to the Phoenix or Scottsdale farmers market, sometimes combined with the cupcake ride.
  • Hosted By: CRAP and the Extreme Picnicking Society
  • When: Times vary
  • Where: Bike Saviours on 601 W. University Dr.
  • Description: Hot Fresh Local Bike Touring. Ride from Tempe to one of the local mountain parks in the evening, eat a giant picnic, sleep under the stars, ride back the next morning. More Info:, or ask anyone you see singing sea shanties while riding.